Shark Chrome Shop

Return Policy

Return Policy


Shark Chrome Shop offers a multilevel return policy.


If you are not fully satisfied with your product within 14 days after receiving it, you may return it for a full credit refund. The product must be in original packaging AND IN FUNCTIONING CONDITION .



Within 30 days of receiving your product, if the product is unopened and undamaged, it may be returned for a full credit refund. During the holiday season this policy is extended to 60 days (Dec 1 –Jan 30).



During the first 90 days, if a problem occurs that is due to a manufacturing defect it may be returned for a full credit refund, repair, or replacement at the discretion of Sark chrome shop.


ARE REQUIRED FOR ALL RETURNED PRODUCTS. You can receive an RMA by emailing: Specify the reason for your return and include a copy of your online receipt. Please allow one business day to receive a response.

Here are some guidelines for our RMA process

·         A copy of original online receipt is required for all returns.

·         Return shipping not included for refunded products.

·         For a return to be valid, returned products must be postmarked by the dates mentioned above.