Shark Chrome Shop

Sark Chrome Shop Team


Jose Antonio Gomez (Founder and Owner)

Jose is the founder and owner of Sark Chrome Shop. He started the company in May 2016 with the goal of introducing high quality and affordable truck parts into the American market. Jose has grown the company to its current size, and manages everything from sales to all other day to day operations.


Cesar Osvaldo Sanchez (Global Partner)

Cesar and Jose began their partnership in May 2018, and are in charge of driving the mission of Sark Chrome Shop to provide high quality and affordable truck parts. Cesar also owns Tracto Bull, which is the mother company and primary supplier of  Sark Chrome Shop. Cesar manages inventory and regularly researches the market to ensure Sark Chrome Shop is providing popular styles at competitive prices.

Our team can be seen helping customers at local trucking conventions. California Trucking Show in Ontario is pictured.